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Srike of kings and Yue Opera

Brand: Srike of kings
Agency:TGidea, Insek Media
Illustration: Jasper shaw


Srike of kings and Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera, the cross-border cooperation of Yue Opera culture was launched, and a new anniversary celebration was launched.


This time, I was commissioned to produce the illustrations of the H5 Shangguan Wan'er study stage and the more beautiful dramas of Yue Opera. It is necessary to pay attention to the simple composition of the Yue Opera stage, focusing on the artistic conception. The dance beauty illustration layered a total of atmosphere background, floor, distant shape, medium foreground props. In the actual experience, you will choose these five free combinations.

The video below is an interactive display of the Srike of kings game event page.

Oct 1,2019

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